Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Walk along the Beach

McLeodBay sml

We try to walk along this beach as often as possible. It's just beautiful. The tide was out today, leaving great patterns from the trickles of water left behind.

Actually after working with this photo I kept being struck by how different it looked cropped - what do you think. Same photo - different crop...

McLeodBay crpt

Continuing to explore this photo through cropping I have added another version of the same photo. Which one do you prefer?

McLeodBay portrait


Elena said...

Hi there! I prefer the long,wide photo rather than the tall one. I feel like I'm taking in more of the view .... but that's just me, I like wide open spaces.
Ciao, Elena :)

tonymdy said...

beautiful nature..great shoot and nice pics posting!
warmest regards,
faces of borneo :D